About the project

About the EDULAW project


The aim: to reinforce the ability of education at the strategic partners´ institutions in the field of agri-environmental and food law through the feasible and effective implementation set of tools to ensure high quality, inclusive digital education


Specific objectives:

- to develop and to use high-quality digital content in the form of newly developed innovative teaching application

- develop digital pedagogical competences of teachers/trainers/researchers and learners

- to deliver high quality inclusive digital learning opportunities for learners

- to promote networking of strategic partners in the area of sharing of resources and expertise in the field of agri-environmental legislation, using digital technology providers and experts in educational technologies and relevant pedagogical practice


Target groups: master students, teachers, trainers, researchers and other relevant stakeholders from the area of agri-environmental law


Project activities:

- development of an innovative smart application InCreDi

- development of Guidelines for users of InCreDi to guide and make it easier the use all the proposed InCreDi tools.

- organisation of the seminar "Effective digital approaches to modern education" which will acquaint target groups with the latest trends in digital technologies as well as to clarify

changes in learning in the cognitive process in the digital education system.

- Elaboration of didactic materials for the course "EU Agri-Environmental law" as common teaching materials. Didactic materials are supplemented by practical cases, videos, vlogs,

and tests.

- Pilot testing of e-learning course "EU agri-environmental law" as a joint European course where the MSc. students from all strategic HEIs will meet together for education.

- Storytelling will provide the target groups with the most up-to-date information in the field of agri-environmental law.

- Elaboration of comparative analysis of agri-environmental law in the EU in individual countries of the strategic partnership will bring comparative knowledge from countries of the

strategic partnership.


Desired impact:

- improved digitization of education, modernisation and internationalisation at home;

- improved skills and competencies of target groups (professional, language, intercultural, organisational);

- increased employability of students on the national and EU labor market;

- improved harmonised educational approach to the teaching of legal branches;

- improved recognizability and credibility of the strategic partners at the national and EU level;

- amended agrarian and agri-environmental legislation;

- increased interest and awareness of the issues related to agri-environmental law.